THE YOUNG COLLECTORS – Set design, graphic design & art-direction


Studio Thier & vanDaalen commissioned Noortje to create the campaign image for the exhibition ‘The Young Collectors’ during the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017.

This exhibition curated by Studio Their and vanDaalen gives the visitor the opportunity to wander through the residence of two young design and art collectors who open their doors to the public. Not only did Studio Thier & vanDaalen designed their remarkable kitchen, the design duo also curated a ‘voyeuristic exhibition’ in this refurbished thirties house. As if an interior design magazine really came alive.

Noortje teamed up with photographer Noortje Knulst to create an image based on the voyeuristic theme of this exhibition. The mirrors reflect little pieces of interior aspects, like a curtain, blinds or flooring. As if you can already take a little sneak peek into the home of these Young Collectors. All the mirrors together form a collection like the curated and selected works do.

Aside from the concept and set- design, Noortje also created the graphic design of the poster and flyer to complete the overall visual look.

Photography Noortje Knulst

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