SORRIE CONFETTI COLLECTION – Art-direction, print design, graphic design.


The confetti collection is a small edition of hand printed and hand made fashion items made in collaboration with Jasmijn Muskens.

Jasmijn, owner of HENK, and Noortje share a love for graphic shapes, playful design and handmade products. After several projects together they decided to make it a more permanent collaboration; Sorrie was born!

Sorrie does things a little bit different. We make what we want when we feel like it. We work in small quantities and make every item by hand. We print the fabrics ourselves, we laugh a lot and we make mistakes. Sorrie makes original unique clothing for original unique people. We are not perfect but we think you’ll look perfect in it!

All products by Sorrie are made by hand in the Netherlands. Every shape is printed separately, which creates a unique pattern. This means no sweater or sock is the same! Every item comes with washing instructions.

The sweaters come in a cropped and unisex model in different sizes and two colours. The socks are available in different colours and sizes. For the complete collection have a look at the webshop of HENK; The socks are also available for sale at ‘Heet Strijken’ in The Hague.

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